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We SHUNDA manufacturer Have 20 Years experience in Nylon Board/Sheet,Nylon Rod,PP Rod, MC Casting Nylon Rod ,Nylon Tube,Nylon Gear,Nylon Pulley ,Nylon Sleeve ,Nylon Pad ,Nylon Ball ,Nylon Flange ,Nylon Chain ,Nylon Connection ,Nylon Stick ,Nylon Screw&Nuts ,Nylon Wheel ,Nylon Fitting ,Etc
The process is roughly divided into: MC static molding, extrusion molding, polymerization molding.

By the way , Acting for the production of POM, PE, PP, PTFE, ABS, PVDF, PET, UHMW-PE, PC, PVC, PMMA and other materials; rods; importing PEEK, PPS, PEI, PSU, PI and other materials.
We insisit on the principle of customers first, quality first, best price and service. And we hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you.
We have strong supply chain channels and perfect product line, which can meet various kinds of customers’ needs.
We have a senior team of designers, super product development capabilities, advanced production technology, professional sales team to provide customers with one-stop service solutions."


Shunda Mission: Creative design, high quality products, Best Service, Shunda will be your best Choice.

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